7th August 2021 - Double Claims Event

If you saw our latest Tweet then you already know, but if you didn't, hold on to your seat.

The next double claim (2x) event will be starting on October the 1st and will be running for the entire month of October. This is the biggest event we have ever had and hope it will generate a lot of DigiByte awareness.

Keep an eye on our Twitter for updates closer to the time, and other DigiByte related tweets.

31st January 2021 - Claims Event

If you follow us on Twitter, you would have seen us mention a claims event. The date has been decided, and as before; it will be for 1 week.

We'll be commencing on Monday the 8th February and will add a countdown to the site closer to the date.

Keep an eye on Twitter for the announcement and other updates.

1st January 2021 - Happy New Year

If you've been following our twitter account you'll see that we have been cracking down on bots toward the end of 2020. This has meant that users are able to claim legitimately without people taking advantage. The reason we've been a bit quiet on the claim events front is that this took priority and we've been developing some AI to automatically take care of those bots. Now it's officially in place, we're going to be planning a lot more claims events this year, so hold on to your pants and get ready to claim some sweet DigiByte.

We also posted recently about adding more adverts to the page and being a bit harsher on those blocking ads. The reason for this is that we want to keep the faucet as a captcha-only claim. We don't like those ones where you have to click a shortlink, fill out your personal details and then get spammed; it's just not what we do. So that's why you'll see some new ads popping up on the screen.

In the middle of 2020 we upgraded our server infrastructure to cope with the amount of traffic we were getting. This seems to have made a huge difference and should be able to cope with the increase in traffic for a long time. As with previous upgrades, we'll make everyone aware beforehand and make it up to you with a claims event for the downtime.

That's all from us for now, Happy New Year!

28th May 2020 - First Claims Event!

The site has been successfully running for over 2 months now and we are happy with progress. Thank you to everyone who has returned after the change of provider and to repay your kindness; we're going to be hosting our first Double Claims Event from 1st June 2020 to 8th June 2020.

Keep an eye on our Twitter (@FreeDGB) for more info on this and for when it officially starts.

18th March 2020 - We're back!

After the temporary closure due to a previous provider, we're now back in full-swing with the thanks to ExpressCrypto.

While it's still in the early stages we are going to keep the claims at the current rate but after the teething problems have been ironed out we'll be back to holding very regular claim events.

Keep an eye on our Twitter for more.