Latest News

15th January 2019 - CoinHive Authentication Added!

To allow for additional options and to not lock people down to using just one
authentication method, we've added CoinHive as an additional "captcha" option.

When claiming, below the default captcha is a link to switch to CoinHive.
Using this method will allow you to Mine a small amount of shares instead
of filling out the captcha.

If you run into any problems, please tweet us! @FreeDGB

17th October 2018 - Tab Over!

You may have noticed that we recently implemented a "Tab-Over".
While this may potentially assist with revenue it wasn't the intended purpose.

We have noticed that some users are botting due to the ease of claiming (one captcha)
so this is to prevent this from happening and give a fair advantage to every user.

We may look into alternative measures in the long-run, but for now it appears to be working.

9th October 2018 - Release Day!

Today is the day. We're finally releasing the faucet upon the world.
Currently there are only a few pages you can access other than the main faucet.

They are: News, Contact and FAQs.

News will allow you to keep up-to-date with what's happening our side.
The contact page will allow you to keep in touch with us if you need to get hold of us and various social media options.
FAQs will answer most questions you have - whenever we receive a new one, it'll be added there.

So, without further delay. Have a play!